Literacy In Music: Year 5/6 Raps

Person singing in silhouette

Year 5/6 Raps

Integrating the two key Learning Areas of Music and English, students were engaged in learning experiences to express their creativity through composing raps. Students read and deconstructed the given example of a Rap with Lyrics – Hip Hop Hamburger Lyric sheet (from the Musical Futures resources), commenting on use of rhyme, form, and timing measures (counting).

Students used this as a model to create their own raps, writing rhyming lyrics, practising their raps with vocal effects, and then performing the completed raps for visiting classes as their audiences.


Listen to some samples of our impressive student raps!

Rap Sample 1
Rap Sample 2
Rap Sample 3
Rap Sample 4
Rap Sample 5

Musical Futures philosophy:

Musical Futures is shaped around these core values:

    • Inclusive – everyone takes part at their own level
    • Absorbing – learning is practical and hands-on
    • Relevant – starts with music that learners engage and identify with
    • Sociable – it is collaborative and with friends
    • Informal – led by learners with teachers/leaders modelling, guiding, supporting
    • Varied – learners perform, listen, compose, improvise, work on a range of instruments and voices, use technology, explore a range of genres and styles
    • Progressive – music learning experiences are high quality, authentic where possible, and with clear progression routes
    • Respectful – all learners, no matter what their ability or experience, are treated as musicians, and are supported to learn and develop.

I would teach children music, physics, and philosophy; but most importantly music, for the patterns in music and all the arts are the keys to learning.”

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