Repetition And Rhyme: Years 3 & 4 Italian Puppet Shows

La ripetizione è la madre della memoria”

(Repetition is the mother of the memory.)

Rhyme and repetition are key features of children’s stories. We used stories to reinforce language learning in Years 3 and 4.

Little Red Hen puppet activity
La Gallinetta Rossa

Year 3 students learnt to read, speak and understand the script for the story of “The Little Red Hen” – “La Gallinetta Rossa”.  Students chose narrators and characters for the performance. Students learnt to sing “Forza, Forza” which told the story in song. Year 3 parents and their teachers were invited as guests to be their audience.

One of the year 3 students commented: “Our performance is like a speaking choir.”

Year 4 students worked in small groups to learn to read, speak and understand the script for these stories: “The Little Red Hen” – “La Gallinetta Rossa”; “The 3 Billy Goats Gruff” – “I tre capretti Gruff”; and “Goldilocks and the 3 Bears” – “Riccioli D’Oro e I tre orsi.” Year 4 students performed their puppet shows for visiting classes as their audiences.

In both Year 3 and Year 4, students prepared puppet characters for their puppet shows, drawing their own interpretations of the story characters on paper plates.

The Three Bears Puppet Activity
Riccioli D’Oro e I tre orsi

The many facets of their learning are described in the elaborations from the Year 3 content descriptors in the Australian Curriculum – Italian.  These different facets included in our lesson planning and creative activities include:

  • Creating

Listen to, view and read a range of imaginative texts for children, and discuss messages and impressions.

Key concepts: story, drama, message.

Key processes: viewing, reading, predicting, describing, discussing.

Key text types: narrative, song, poetry.

  • Translating

Translate texts to compare meanings and share understandings about aspects of Italian language and culture that are different from English

Key concepts: translation, comparison.

Key processes: translating, explaining.

  • Systems of language

Experiment with pronunciation and intonation and use rules of spelling.

Recognise how grammatical structures are used to form simple texts.

  • Language variation and change

Understand that language use varies according to the participants’ age, gender and relationship, and the context of use.

The Three Billy Goats Gruff Puppet Activity
I tre capretti Gruff

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